The Solheim Cup comes to Scotland

So, there were 10 possible venues in the first instance. Then, it became a straight fight between Bro Hof Slott in Sweden and our own beloved Gleneagles in Perthshire. And, as you will probably know, the Solheim Cup will come to Scotland in 2019.

No doubt both bids and presentations were excellent. Both venues are definitely excellent. However, if you were a gambler, there were three key points that made Gleneagles as sure a favourite as any.

Firstly, Sweden has hosted the Solheim Cup twice in the past 12 years at Barsebäck in 2003 and Halmstad as recently as 2007.

Secondly, Gleneagles hosted the Ryder Cup last year. Arguably the best and most successful Ryder Cup in history commercially, visually, organisationally and spiritually was a little over 13 months ago and it rightly received much acclaim.

Last and crucially, over 250,000 spectators were managed impeccably and this was thanks to the cohesion of ‘Team Scotland’. Team Scotland has been able to fall back on the perfect golf event case study. But, this was not a rare success. In the past two years alone, Scotland has hosted the Commonwealth Games, the Davis Cup, the Mountain Bike World Cup, the World Swimming Championships and just this week the World Gymnastics Championships.

From a business perspective, Scotland will always be the Home of Golf. However, hosting the Solheim Cup, the Ryder Cup and the quality and ambition of the Scottish Open only re-enforces everything truly great about golf in Scotland.

From a legacy perspective, the interest in the game will be encouraged to grow further. Even more youngsters will be able to ‘have a go’ at the game. More individuals will have unique exposure to world-class events. More companies will win contracts in conjunction with the event. Positive media messages about Scotland will increase. The eyes of the world will once again fall on Scotland. And, most importantly for Morton Golf, the number of golf visitors to Scotland both domestically and internationally will grow, before, during and after.

Far too many years ago to mention, I was a caddie at Gleneagles. Donald, part of our team, was the caddiemaster only last year during the Ryder Cup. Our bond with Gleneagles is close. Morton Golf congratulates Gleneagles and Team Scotland on its successful bid and once again highlighting everything that is great about the Home of Golf. Morton golf will continue to do its bit to make it greater.

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