Carnoustie Golf Club

Carnoustie Golf Club – I was privileged yesterday to be give a conducted tour of the new Heritage Wall and exhibition by Captain Bill Thompson. As well as Bill’s expert tour we were also joined by Donald Ford who has just written a fantastic book about the history of this unique golf club.  Golfers from all over the world have been influenced by the early pioneers of the game who originated from Carnoustie.  Some 200 professionals emigrated in the late 1800s and early 1900s to places such as America, Canada, South Africa and Australia – they helped grow the game in these early days in a way which is almost unimaginable today.  Donald’s book tells the story of this unique golf club which has a rich history and it is indeed one of the most interesting read’s I have come across in a long while (and I have over 500 golf books in my collection – this goes right into my Top 5).  I would urge any golfer who is playing at Carnoustie to visit the club and take some time to look at this wonderful exhibition – you will be amazed by the collection of medals and trophies and photographs of the most famous golfing sons of Carnoustie.  The collection of medals from Mac Smith and Alex Smith is quite breath-taking and looking at them gives you a sense of the rich history of our sport.  There is an amazing photo of Stewart Maiden who taught the game to certainly the best amateur who ever lived – the incomparable Bobby Jones – and where did Stewart come from – well of course, Carnousitie.  So a huge thanks to Bill and Donald for inviting me to see round this wonderful exhibition yesterday.  And to anyone who has even a passing interest in our great game – definitely do yourself a favour and buy Donald’s fantastic book – you can buy it either when you visit the club after your round to see the exhibition or you can order by emailing the club :  For further information on ordering please contact the club by email :

Peter Craigon, MD, Morton Golf Holidays

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