‘THE’ best customer service

It’s quite a statement, but should we all vie for it or should it simply be expected?

Perhaps it’s because we are at the PGA Show in Orlando this week, but the USA (North America) does a lot of customer service right! Some might argue it’s forced, others might say it’s for tips, whilst we would say it doesn’t matter it makes for a great customer experience.

Considering golf, the product in the USA is exceptional. There is a welcome, it is organised, it is hassle free, the playing conditions are good, it is relaxed and caters for every need on the course. A round of golf is about the whole experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying our golf courses offer poor customer service, they don’t. Perhaps it’s because they are dealing with the North American market that they have reached a level that can’t necessarily be said for all ‘experience’ establishments in the UK and Ireland.

I suppose this is where our cultures differ. Whilst playing on our home course, we don’t play golf for the experience. Well, less so. In the UK, a 3-hour round and a couple of pints will do us quite nicely, thank you.

But, gradually as more UK golfers have travelled on a golf holiday, we have become accustomed to more than our usual Saturday medal routine. Which brings me back to America. Can it be beaten for the ultimate golf experience? Other popular golf destinations, and I won’t name any names, should take a visit to Florida, play a couple of rounds and compare it to the customer journey in their country.

That said, I can reassuringly say that we have a remarkable product. The tradition and history of the game needs to be rewarded with an ‘expected’ level of customer satisfaction. We achieve that!

The thing is, customer service is actually pretty easy. It’s really a combination of manners, preparation and common sense. Not wanting to fanfare, or laud, but we don’t vie for plaudits, we simply do the job we are supposed to do.

Golf is an expensive business. Golf travel even more so. Golfers have earned their pennies, so they deserve to have every box ticked and every t crossed.

There are simple analogies to summarise how we take our level of customer service as a given.

We open the door for our golfers with a confident and cheery hello to instil calm. We don’t have time to put our elbows on the table, as we are preparing for every eventuality. We say please and thank you so that we have the best relationships with our suppliers. We give up our seat for our guests so that they have a smile on their face. And, we literally walk our guests to the door, metaphorically speaking, so they take away the best possible memories of the best golf in the world. We don’t vie for it we treat it as normal. Perhaps the way the USA accept their customer service on face value rather than with trepidation.

This may sound preachy. It’s not meant to be. It’s what frustrates me about praise for good manners and good customer service. They should be part of our DNA, our modus operandi, the norm. Especially in our industry!


Morton Golf Holidays has been in business since 1989. The business has grown year on year by recommendations, repeat business and building on the reputation of providing memorable golfing holidays for clients. At all times clients are dealt with on a personal and professional basis ensuring they achieve their dream golfing holiday.